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  • Brandon Bearce (Aug 15, 2019 6:55 am)
  • Congrats to the Twins and Rush on an excellent, tightly contested game! Twins squeeze by in the bottom of the 7th inning to take the game 6-5! Congratulations Twins!
  • Don Marlowe (Jul 08, 2019 6:19 pm)
  • Charity ALL-STAR GAME tonight 6:15, Tuesday 7/9 at Semmel Rd field. Also HR Derby. Special guests! Playground for the kids! Free hotsm chios and drinks for all players and fans! Come on out!!!
  • Don Marlowe (Jul 08 9:09 am)
  • Very sad news.. Kevin Colegrove of Good Shepherd lost his daughter this week after a long battle with a brain tumor. Every time I saw Kevin, he gave me updates on her and you could tell the love he had for her. Kevin has been a great ambassador for this league for many years both as a player and coach for Communities. Please send prayers to him and his family.
  • Don Marlowe (Apr 20 1:06 pm)
  • Please keep in your prayers for health concerns- Brian Bock and Rob Grushow
  • Don Marlowe (Aug 12 12:59 pm)
  • New Hope is the 2015 League Champion!
  • Don Marlowe (Aug 03 6:05 am)
  • Please add Brian Bock to your prayer list. He has played for Rush Methodist for over 30 years in this league and is battling some serious health issues.
  • Don Marlowe (Jul 10 12:42 pm)
  • This Tuesday 7/14 is our last regular season game and is a position round. Tuesday 7/21 is the start of the playoffs! To be posted soon
  • Don Marlowe (May 14 8:09 am)
  • Prayers are needed for Kevin Colegrove's daughter who has been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and is starting treatments.
  • Crockett Button (May 07 8:01 pm)
  • Please pray for Jonathan Stills he has a mild concussion from hitting his head on the ground while making a catch during the game on Tuesday 5/5.