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Posted by Don Marlowe (Aug 15, 2017 2:15 pm)
Congrats to Rush Methodist and The Twins for a hard fought championship game. Rush jumped out to an early lead, and the Twins fought back almost every inning but fell just short. Rush Methodist held on for an 8-5 victory. Great job by both teams!!!!!
Posted by Don Marlowe (Jul 03, 2017 3:50 pm)
THE ALL-STAR GAME IS NEXT TUESDAY, July 11th at Elim field around 6:30pm. As mentioned before, it is now a charity game. Andy Britton was hard at work organizing this portion of the evening, and we are donating to The Teresa House in honor of those in our league whom we have lost to cancer. This is a fantastic cause and we hope for a great turnout to support it! We will have free hots and drinks, etc.. for all fans and players- but this year there is a payment. Everyone attending the game, both players and fans, hopefully will bring an item (or more) to donate to The Teresa House. Lets show our fellowship and make this a huge event! Please see below their donation wish list or go to our facebook page, Dave Lochner Memorial Softball(and sign up). Or go to Teresahouse.org and check out their good work. Below is a list of items currently needed at Teresa House. Bags of individually wrapped fun size variety candy, (especially chocolate) Packaged snacks for volunteers (snack size chips, Doritos, granola bars) Soda/pop (diet & regular) in cans, please Forever Postage Stamps (First class and postcard) Wegman’s and Wal-Mart gift cards Canned cat food (for our outdoor Teresa House cats) Twin size bed sheets with deep, fitted pockets Paper Towels Bottled Water Lantiseptic Ointment/Sarna Lotion Dove body wash/moisturizer Baby Shampoo Toilet bowl cleaner Light bulbs (60 watt & 75 watt) Tall kitchen garbage bags Zip Lock quart & gallon storage bags Dryer sheets - unscented please Batteries - AA & AAA Disposable latex or latex-free, non-sterile examination gloves (available at Quinlan’s or other pharmacies- medium or large sizes) $5 - $10 Volunteer Appreciation Gifts for our monthly House drawing (some ideas include: movie gift certificates, video rental certificates, restaurant certificates, small prizes, etc…) We thank you in advance for your donation!
Posted by Glen Ziccarelli (Jun 14, 2017 11:20 am)
Coaches,...and players who read this (Joe Kuperberg and who else?...)

Please remind your team and your fans that the all star game is fast approaching. July 11th is just around the corner and this year's game will benefit a charity as well. We encourage every player and their family/loved ones to make the event and to help it become bigger and better than ever. Again, it starts with the coaches and leaders on each team. Tell your players, loudly in front of the fans. Invite the fans. Its for charity! Get it?! We ask that every team send 3 players to compete in the game, while the other team members attend to encourage the game and league unity. We have a very unique league, and it is important to highlight the many wonderful people we see throughout the season, to come together in prayer and raise up others around us. Unlike the past games where certain seeds of teams were aligned, this year's game will have 2 coaches pick their players, in hopes the competition is even more fierce than it's been in year's past. Remember our 14-13 sizzler from 2 years ago? We want spirit and energy like that game!! Make the all star game great again!! :) July 11th, people. See you there.

God Bless,

Posted by Glen Ziccarelli (May 30, 2017 3:36 pm)
Hey you!!!!! Coaches and players, read up please: once again, I would like to remind you all of a few things that might get 'overlooked' in our league on a weekly basis: Teams, please remind your opponent of the rule regarding a play at home plate-this should be done EVERY WEEK, please have a prayer session after the game ends (we always had one before hand, this is something that we have added the last 2-3 years) and also, please verify that your bats and your opponents are ASA approved.
Also, since I might as well mention this too-GET YOUR SCORES IN PROMPTLY. Don and I shouldn't have to chase you to inquire as to who's won and lost.
Please remember too, that in this league we need to play fair. I have had multiple people reach out to me regarding 'ringers.' Yes, I want you to be able to field 10 players, but not at the expense of bringing in somebody that mashes like no tomorrow, it's just not fair. If you have to reschedule or play a person down, then that's on you, but please for the integrity of the game, keep things on the up and up.

Now play ball and have fun.

God Bless,


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