Played at Semmel Road on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 6:45 pm
Rush Methodist???????23
Awesome game and Twins as always a fun team to play against!

Team PageTwins (13)

Players that PlayedHRsKK
Alex Krueter10
Anthony Cavuoto10
Chris Brown00
Don Ray00
Josh Eisenhart00
Mark Newcomb00
Mark Wolf00
Matt Futter00
Nick D'Angelo00
Shawn Konzel00
Steve Smith00
Tim Jackson00

Team PageRush Methodist (23)

Players that PlayedHRsKK
Austin Blood00
Don Marlowe00
Jen Mossburger00
Jeremy Lagueras00
Jesse Cook00
Jim Trimble00
Justin Cratsley00
Kevin Lagueras00
Mike Porter00
Pat Lagueras00
Pete Lagueras00
Rob Grushow00
Steve DePaola00