Played at Semmel Road on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 6:45 pm
Elim Gospel157012016
Good Shepherd467650 28
Nice to get the season going again. Spirited game with Elim and that were fantastic guests to host.

Team PageElim Gospel (16)

Players that PlayedHRsKK
No players reported yet

Team PageGood Shepherd (28)

Players that PlayedHRsKK
Brad Ziccarelli10
Craig Hartson00
Davey Michels III10
Davey Michels Jr00
Glen Ziccarelli00
Jeff Sidelinger00
Joe Kuperberg00
Josh Aldred00
Josh Mastin00
Kevin Colegrove00
Neil Eldridge00
Roger Rorhbach00
Russ Chase00
Taylor Michels00
Taylor Ziccarelli00