Played at Pleasant Valley (Twins) on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 - 6:45 pm
Avon Wesleyan30010116
Thanks to Avon for switching fields while ours dries out. Great fellowship with friends! Avon was the Home team for this game

Team PageAvon Wesleyan (6)

Players that PlayedHRsKK
Andy Britton 00
Bobby Nichols 00
Brandon Bearce 00
Casey Bearce00
Jake Kocher00
John Easton00
Khris 00
Mario Pena00
Pastor Pete00
Pete Bohrer00
Steve Robinson00

Team PageTwins (16)

Players that PlayedHRsKK
Alex Kreutter00
Anthony Cavuoto20
Ben Hathaway00
Chris Brown00
Don Ray02
Mark Newcomb00
Mark Wolf00
Matt Futter10
Nick D'Angelo00
Tim Jackson00
Tim Smith10