Played at Semmel Road on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 - 6:45 pm
New Hope Fellowship203206114
Good Shepherd00102047
Nice cool evening for a game. New Hope brought their fans and played a great, steady game.

Team PageNew Hope Fellowship (14)

Players that PlayedHRsKK
Aaron Collins00
Aaron Jacobs00
Ben Burkett00
Ben Burkett00
Chris Collins00
Ethan Hudson00
Jacob Elder00
Jared Webb00

Team PageGood Shepherd (7)

Players that PlayedHRsKK
Brad Ziccarelli00
Chad Morrison00
Craig Hartson00
David Danny Michels00
Glen Ziccarelli00
Josh Aldred20
Neil Eldridge00
Roger Robach00
Russ Chase00
Shaun Dulen00
Tay Ziccarelli00