Dave Lochner Memorial Softball League

League Rules

  1. Games will start at 6:45PM. Any team not having the required (8) eight players by 7:15PM will forfeit the game. Home team has use of the field until 6:30PM and visitors have the field until 6:45PM.
  2. Games are played using the MAT/ Plate combination system. A ball must hit the mat and/or home plate to be a strike. All parts of the rubberized surfaces are considered the strike zone. Maximum arc of the pitch is 12 feet. Minimum arc of the pitch is 6 feet.
  3. The team at bat must provide an umpire. More than one umpire may be used. If the umpire chooses to defer his call to the decision of one of the base coaches, he may do so. However, the home plate ump always has final decision.
  4. There will be no disputing the umpire's calls! Only the umpire and the two managers will discuss problems. Problems that cannot be resolved within 5 minutes to mutual satisfaction of both team coaches will cause the game to be suspended and replayed at a later date.
  5. All members must be church affiliates of at least 14 years of age. Players must be on the roster by June 9th for playoff eligibility. They must also have played in at least 3 regular season games. Please submit your beginning season rosters (player names and email addresses) and any additions during the season via email or snail mail to Don. Notes
  6. All players are required to sign a waiver before playing. Any players under 18 must sign a parental approval waiver before playing.

    All teams must send a liability insurance form to Don before the start of the season. Notes
  7. Bases should be 65 feet apart. The pitchers mound is set at 46 feet. The home team is responsible for providing the game ball and bases and setup of the field.
  8. A double first base is to be used in all games. The second base is on the foul side of the baseline. The base runner is to play the second (outer) bag whenever there is a play at first. Runners not using the second base will be called out.
  9. The championship game will be played on the best neutral field as agreed upon by the league officers and participating coaches. Notes
  10. There are two options for how to set up your game roster:
    • 1) You can bat all your players if you'd like.
      • Free substitutions defensively can take place at any time.
      • Any players showing up after the game begins can be added to the end of the line-up, at the discretion of the two coaches.
    • 2) You can specify the number of batting spots before the game begins.
      • With this method, you must stick with that number of roster spots for the entire game.
      • Substitution is not free either. A player may be replaced once for free, and may go back into the game in that same roster spot one additional time. Once a player has been replaced twice, they may no longer play in the game, regardless of circumstance.
      • (An example: Player A has been playing the field and batting in the 3rd spot of the line-up. The coach wants Player B to bat for Player A one inning. The coach (or scorekeeper) would need to let the other team's scorekeeper know of the change. Player B bats, but the coach puts player A back out in the field when the team goes to defense. In this scenario, if Player A is removed by Player B (or any other sub that has not played the field or batted), Player A may no longer play in the game.)
    • Rules for either set-up:
      • No player may bat in a different spot in the lineup, if they have already batted during the game.
      • If at any time, a roster spot can not bat, this is an automatic out EXCEPT in the case of an injury. If there is no one to replace a truly injured player, that spot in the lineup is just skipped. This must be confirmed with the opposing team.
      • Communication amongst the scorekeepers and coaches will be key in making sure there is as little confusion about the rosters as possible.
      • Any questions or clarifications of this rule should be verified between coaches before the start of the game and any unresolved actions will be put before the coaches board.
  11. Currently active lineup players are allowed free movement of the positions on the field. Thus players may play any position in any inning as long as they are active in the lineup. Any questions or clarifications of this rule should be verified between coaches before the start of the game and any unresolved actions will be put before the coaches board.
  12. When involving plays at the plate, the catcher must play in front of the plate and not block the plate. If the catcher has the ball, the runner must slide, stop and be tagged, or run back to 3rd base. Notes
  13. Intentional spiking or ramming (in the judgment of the umpire) will result in the immediate ejection of the ramming player to be strictly enforced. No metal cleats of any length will be allowed.
  14. On all fields, ball is out of play from the corners of the screen to 1st and 3rd bases. This line is parallel to the base lines. All teams should supply cones to clarify the OB zone and verify between coaches before the start of the game. All players, coaches, etc should stay behind this line.
  15. Coaches may call the game on account of weather after the start of the game. A makeup game can be played only if coordinated by the two coaches, to occur before the start of playoffs.
  16. All bats must be clearly marked ASA approved or they will be removed from the game. The only exception is old bats that have been previously approved by the league. It is recommended that all bats be inspected by both teams before the game starts. No baseball bats allowed. Notes
  17. "15 Run Mercy Rule": After the 5th inning has finished if one team is down by 15 or more runs, the game will be declared officially over with the team up by 15 or more declared the winner. Note: If the home team is up by 15 or more after the top of the 5th is complete the game will end immediately with the home team declared the winner.
  18. Due to present liability insurance problems, please do not misuse the fields. Keep clean of litter. No alcoholic beverages allowed. School districts or towns or churches, are not liable for injuries. Please note that smoking is not allowed at most of these places either. Notes
  19. Home team responsible to lead group in prayer before the start of the game. Hopefully this isn't a rule, but a desire of our hearts! Post game prayers also encouraged. Notes
  20. Obscenities, vulgar language, and/or using the Lord's name in vain are not allowed. Any player heard using this type of language will be ejected! It is the coach's responsibility to eject their own player.

    If the team with the offending player does not remove the ejected player from the field, the other team shall be able to win the game by forfeit.

    In addition, don't forget about rule #9 which calls for an automatic out if a position on the line-up can not bat. Notes
  21. Base runners may not lead off of a base and may not leave until the batter's bat makes contact with the pitched ball. If runner leaves the base early, they can be called out. Notes
  22. Pinch runners are allowed, if medically necessary. The person to pinch run is the last person to be out for the team. If there is not a person making the last out, then the last batter in the line-up shall pinch run. If for some medical reason, the person making the last out would not be able to run, then the previous person to get out would be the pinch runner. And so forth. Notes
  23. Tie Breakers for ties amongst teams in the Standings
    • For 2 teams tied
      1. Head-to-head match-up
      2. Run differential for all games
      3. Coin toss
    • For 3 or more teams tied
      1. Head-to-head record (against all teams tied)
      2. Run differential (against all teams tied)
      3. Run differential for all games
      4. Coin toss
    • Further items
      • If 3 or more teams are tied and one of the rules removes a team, then the remaining teams should be run through the corresponding set of rules, starting from the top.
      • The best that can be gained (or loss) in the run differential column is +15 (-15), due to the "15 run mercy rule".
  24. All other rules and/or interpretations will be governed by ASA Code which will need to be printed by each team. Notes

  • 5 - This rule was changed during the 2003 season. This rule was changed before the 2004 season. 3/6/2014 - Changed who the rosters should be sent to and that email addresses are also needed now. 5/18/2015 - Updated the deadline for the 2015 season.
  • 6 - This rule was added for the 2009 season. Added to rules list 4/19/2014.
  • 9 - 3/6/2014- Rule was updated to represent the current way of doing things.
  • 10 - This rule was changed during the 2003 season. 5/18/2015 - Changed wording for roster spot can not bat for 2015 season.
  • 12 - 3/6/2014 - Added "or run back to third base".
  • 16 - This rule took effect for the 2010 season.
  • 18 - This rule was changed during the 2003 season.
  • 19 - 3/6/2014 - Post game prayers were added for the 2011 season.
  • 20 - This rule was added for and then changed during the 2003 season.
  • 21 - This rule was added during the 2003 season.
  • 22 - This rule was added during the 2003 season.
  • 23 - This rule was added during the 2003 season.
  • 24 - This rule was changed during the 2007 season.

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