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Past Games

2020-06-30 vs. Twins Lost 20 - 24 Good close game as always with a fun team. Tied 19 all end of 6. Champs pulled it out. Nice to play
2020-07-14 @ Rush Methodist Won 26 - 10  
2020-07-21 @ Good Shepherd Won 14 - 7 Nice cool evening for a game. New Hope brought their fans and played a great, steady game.
2020-07-28 vs. Avon Wesleyan Won 22 - 17 good back and forth game on a nice night
2020-08-04 vs. Good Shepherd Won 17 - 7 playoffs
Good competitive game
2020-08-11 vs. Twins Won 12 - 11 playoffs
Great game. HR's by Twins were amazing. fun game

League LeadersRegular Season Stats

Aaron Collins310
Aaron Jacobs400
Ben Burkett400
Ben Burkett400
Chris Collins400
Dave Collins300
Ethan Hudson410
Evan Dumme301
Jacob Elder410
Jared Webb200
Mark Jacobs300
Spencer Phippen200