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Past Games

2020-06-30 @ New Hope Fellowship Won 24 - 20 Good close game as always with a fun team. Tied 19 all end of 6. Champs pulled it out. Nice to play
2020-07-07 vs. Good Shepherd Won 18 - 3 6 innings (mercy)
Always great to play the men of Good Shepherd!
2020-07-21 @ Avon Wesleyan Won 27 - 6 5 innings (mercy)
Crazy humid night led to some deep shots. Love our friends at Avon!
2020-07-28 vs. Rush Methodist Lost 18 - 21  
2020-08-04 vs. Rush Methodist Won 13 - 8 playoffs
2020-08-11 @ New Hope Fellowship Lost 11 - 12 playoffs
Great game. HR's by Twins were amazing. fun game

League LeadersRegular Season Stats

Anthony Cavuoto430
Ben Hathaway100
Chris Brown410
Colin Smith210
Don Ray401
Josh Eisenhart410
Mark Newcomb310
Matt Futter110
Nick D'Angelo450
Shawn Konzel200
Steve Smith402
Tim Jackson400
Tim Smith310
Tom O'Connel100