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Past Games

2018-05-08 vs. New Hope Fellowship Won 24 - 5 Division 5 innings (mercy)
Always great to share the field with New Hope. Beautiful night to play and great fellowship together.
2018-05-15 @ Avon Wesleyan Won 24 - 0 Division 5 innings (mercy)
Beautiful night for great Fellowship with our friends from Avon!
2018-05-22 vs. Rush Methodist Won 19 - 4 Division 6 innings (mercy)
Rainy day made for a wet field with some muddy conditions. Still excellent to play this game with our friends from Rush!
2018-05-29 @ Livonia Methodist Won 24 - 8   6 innings (mercy)
Beautiful Night! Livonia is always a class act and great to play against!
2018-06-05 vs. Elim Gospel Won 20 - 2   5 innings (mercy)
Chilly night but great fellowship with the men and women of Elim! Great to see some familiar faces on the other side of the field!
2018-06-12 @ Good Shepherd Won 24 - 19   Wow! Great tight game, back and forth! Good Shepherd is an incredible host and a great team!
2018-06-19 vs. Grace Life Won 14 - 3   Twins were a very fun team to play!
2018-06-26 @ New Hope Fellowship Lost 6 - 11 Division  
2018-07-17 vs. Avon Wesleyan Won 19 - 15 Division Great night to play our friends from Avon! Game went back and forth all night with great plays all around!
2018-07-24 @ Rush Methodist Lost 13 - 23 Division Awesome game and Twins as always a fun team to play against!
2018-07-31 vs. Grace Life Won 21 - 2   5 innings (mercy) - playoffs
Great fellowship with our friends at Grace Life!
2018-08-07 vs. Rush Methodist Lost 8 - 10   playoffs
The Twins are always a gracious host and a joy to play against! Great job on the field!

League LeadersRegular Season Stats

Alex Krueter850
Anthony Cavuoto1040
Chris Brown800
Don Ray601
Josh Eisenhart1041
Mark Newcomb1010
Mark Wolf1000
Matt Futter1030
Nick D'Angelo1010
Shawn Konzel900
Steve Smith1003
Tim Jackson910
Tim Smith770