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Past Games

2017-05-02 @ Elim Gospel Won 10 - 8 Division finished game one (suspended for darkness) before the start of this game. exciting finish!
2017-05-09 vs. Avon Wesleyan Won 7 - 6 Division Great evening of fellowship in a hard fought, competitive game.
2017-05-16 @ Livonia Methodist Won 12 - 4 Division A beautiful evening with a picturesque setting, and some great softball too.
2017-05-23 @ Covenant Life Lost 6 - 17    
2017-05-30 vs. Rush Methodist Lost 7 - 12   Fun game with our friends at Good Shepherd who put on a defensive clinic!
2017-06-06 @ New Hope Fellowship Lost 8 - 22   Great night for fellowship, despite the mist and rain.
2017-06-13 vs. Twins Lost 8 - 14   A rainy start dried up nicely for a good game!
2017-06-20 vs. Elim Gospel Won 18 - 17 Division This was a great battle, each and every inning, until the very end. Thanks Elim, awesome game.
2017-06-27 @ Avon Wesleyan Lost 14 - 17 Division We missed seeing Sgt Pepper and the Penguin, but hard fought game from start to finish
2017-07-18 vs. Livonia Methodist Won 20 - 5 Division 6 innings (mercy)
Always a nice evening when playing Livonia. Great fellowship was displayed.
2017-07-25 vs. New Hope Fellowship Lost 7 - 12   playoffs

League LeadersRegular Season Stats

Anthony Fregoe500
Bradley Ziccarelli800
Dave Hamill800
Davey Michels Jr710
David Michels100
Glen Ziccarelli800
Jeffrey Sidelinger710
Jim Stanhope100
Joseph Kuperberg600
Kevin Colegrove802
Kevin Sprague100
Kimberly Wiseman200
Mexkai Keosaming900
Nathan Porter100
Neil Eldridge705
Roger Rorbach910
Shaun Dulen400
Taylor Ziccarelli900