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Past Games

2018-05-08 @ Grace Life Won 49 - 6 Division 5 innings (mercy)
Perfect night for softball and wonderful to be playing back at Lima Christian-their field was in great shape.
2018-05-15 vs. Livonia Methodist Won 22 - 7 Division 6 innings (mercy)
Beautiful night for a softball game. Great to get fans out and nice comraderie with our friends from Livonia.
2018-05-22 vs. Elim Gospel Won 15 - 0 Division 6 innings (mercy)
Mercy rule 15-0 in 6th inning
2018-05-29 @ Avon Wesleyan Won 32 - 30   What a dogfight this was, in a fun spirited, competitive way for the entire 2+ hour game. Thanks Avon
2018-06-05 @ New Hope Fellowship Won 24 - 19   Great game in the cold. 22 runs scored in 5th inning has to be some record (13-9 won by Good Shepard.
2018-06-12 vs. Twins Lost 19 - 24   Wow! Great tight game, back and forth! Good Shepherd is an incredible host and a great team!
2018-06-19 vs. Rush Methodist Won 21 - 6   6 innings (mercy)
Always fun to play our border rivals from Rush. Beautiful night for a game, too.
2018-06-26 vs. Grace Life Won 24 - 17 Division Another perfect night for a softball game. Much closer than last time we played and a lot of spirit on the field.
2018-07-17 @ Livonia Methodist Won 7 - 0 Division forfeit
While Livonia didn't have enough players, we made the most of the evening by picking two random teams and had a very spirited game.
2018-07-24 @ Elim Gospel Won 12 - 8 Division Great game in the light rain.
2018-07-31 vs. Avon Wesleyan Lost 13 - 20   playoffs
Excellent game, back and forth all night! Great play by all!

League LeadersRegular Season Stats

Aaron Laskowski100
Bradley Ziccarelli710
Craig Ahern000
Craig Hartson600
David Michels 400
David Michels Jr820
Glen Ziccarelli804
Jason Aldred200
Jeffrey Sidelinger901
Joseph Kuperberg710
Josh Aldred940
Josh Mastin500
Kevin Colegrove000
Kimberly Wiseman400
Nathan Porter940
Neil Eldridge800
Roger Rorbach940
Taylor Ziccarelli600