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Past Games

2019-05-07 vs. Elim Gospel Won 28 - 16 Nice to get the season going again. Spirited game with Elim and that were fantastic guests to host.
2019-05-14 @ Avon Wesleyan Won 23 - 16  
2019-05-21 vs. New Hope Fellowship Won 19 - 18 Amazing game of back and forth play. Huge GS rally in the bottom of 7th-something that usually happens against us. Kudos to New Hope for their sportsmanship and positive attitudes.
2019-05-28 vs. Rush Methodist Lost 13 - 33 Good Shepherd was perfect hosts. Always a pleasure to see good friends and enjoy the fellowship
2019-06-04 @ Twins Lost 11 - 16 Excellent night! Very competitive game!
2019-06-11 @ Elim Gospel Won 25 - 4 5 innings (mercy)
It's always nice to play on the hill. Elim was a great team to polay on a very enjoyable night.
2019-06-18 vs. Avon Wesleyan Won 15 - 14 Beautiful night for a game. Tightly contested low scoring game throughout, it especially heated up the last two innings.
2019-06-25 @ New Hope Fellowship Lost 15 - 20 Another great night for a ball game. Tight battle for the entire game.
2019-07-16 @ Rush Methodist Lost 5 - 12 Great time as always with Good Shepherd
2019-07-23 vs. Twins Lost 18 - 21 Great game;tight score of back and forth play that was tied after 6 innings. Next time, Twins! :)
2019-07-30 vs. Avon Wesleyan Lost 29 - 34 playoffs

League LeadersRegular Season Stats

Brad Ziccarelli810
Craig Hartson1000
Dakota Cummings110
Davey Michels III812
Davey Michels Jr400
Garrett Caulkins200
Glen Ziccarelli900
Jeff Sidelinger900
Joe Kuperberg200
Josh Aldred1030
Josh Mastin900
Kevin Colegrove902
Neil Eldridge1000
Roger Rorhbach1030
Russ Chase511
Shawn Dulen400
Taylor Michels100
Taylor Ziccarelli800